I was born in Plymouth, UK and lived most of my early life in a small town on the northern edge of Dartmoor. I was a child in the 80s, which meant being turned out of the house at 8am and allowed to roam wherever our bikes would take us so long as we were back by 6 for dinner. Later, I studied media and theatre but this was cut short by a long-term illness. I ended up with a degree in computer science as a stop-gap which has so far lasted nearly two decades. During these Office Years I picked up writing again, suggesting the words will out given time.

My main writing preoccupations are the workings of memory, the often painful crucible of intimate relationships, and technology’s impact upon them. Both my flash length and longer fiction has been widely published online and in print, with my short story Build A Cat (Unsung Stories 2016) being long-listed for a British Science Fiction Award.

I grew up watching horror and SF films I was way too young to see, and with the family bookshelves full of Spike Milligan’s autobiographies, Clive Cussler thrillers and James Clavell epics. To these I added Terry Pratchett and dusty old copies of SF works such as Ringworld, A Canticle For Leibowitz and The Demolished Man. Later I devoured Iain (M) Banks, Dan Simmons’ Hyperion cantos, anything by Moorcock. More recently I have enjoyed works by Nina Allan, Matthew De Abaitua and Ian McDonald.

The Willow By My Side is my debut novel. The first words of this book were put down in 2010. It will be published in 2018. Thus my philosophy is: the only way to guarantee failure is to stop trying.

I am currently working on a dying earth ‘chase novel’ about humanity’s remnants constantly fleeing an ever-present threat.

You can find me on Twitter @ManOfZinc.




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