An Atlas of Wants


Agnes, I have seen it. I was taken to the cave and they showed me.

The Stone Man walks!

The last of its routes have been laid out and buried – the plateau is now ready. The Stone Man shall walk, we shall walk with it, and in its path — its shifts to the sun or back turned against the caldera — shall be revealed a chart of our desires.

Kinzo and his troupe will attend the border and inland paths for two days. They call it a vigil but there is a mundanity in magic sometimes, in particular for the magic of the many. Much can go wrong. Each of us is a variable. I must place my trust in them to know what’s best, though no-one alive was witness to the last Stone Walk.

I am not worried. Wisdom has a good strong voice here. I long to become a part of it. Agnes, what will be shown to me by the journey? Perhaps nothing, perhaps all of what we might become together.

Oaxa has been telling me again the process of each turn, where the carvings are and what to look for, and the things we might witness with each vista. At least, he has been trying to explain but still I cannot fully understand. ‘No matter,’ he said. ‘So long as you have listened, you will be ready to walk with the Stone Man.’

To this I gave a reverent nod though my heart was sending an eruption through my veins.

‘Be ready to follow only where the Stone Man leads,” he said. “The privileges of this journey are many, and available only to those who do not fight them. A man becomes lost when he denies the Stone Man’s path.”

How could I not be excited, my love?

I’m sure I shall return to you, dear Agnes, but Oaxa’s words were a warning. Though the route is marked by ancient accord there is still a chance to wander and become lost. Only time will tell, so I say now that I am sorry to not return, should that be my wyrd.

The Stone Walk takes no longer to rehearse as it will to undertake on the night. It is prudent to make sure all is correct, I suppose. I offered to go with the others on their vigil but was declined.

I am now alone in the cave with nothing but the grinding of the Stone Man’s breath in the shadows. It is a sound that demands to be heard.


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