Danbo Jones and Billy Pup trapped on a mountainside as the weather draws in. At least they have each other. That’s something, though if they pull through Dan really is going to have to ask Billy to stop fucking Dan’s wife while they’re away on business.

Corporate responsibility.

One of them has to pull through at least. I hope to god it’s Dan – he’s got the combination to the safe here. If it’s Billy then we’re screwed. Who knows what they’ll have left in the tank after this old storm?

The cleaners have seen it all. The liaisons amongst the post it notes. The rest of it. Yuck. An end to it would be a blessing. No more winks from the one with the lazy eye when we leave the building late together. They think all we do in here is get loaded and screw around.

It’s a lot more than that!

Gorgomunda,” is all she says.
The many-headed snake god of the world.

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